The company Terra Etrusca, based in Tarquinia, is a subsidiary of PANIFICIO LODI, an 87 year old family business which has passionately produced homemade baked goods using traditional methods since 1927.
PACIFICO LODI uses treasured old recipes, to this day, to create and distribute its sweet and savory products throughout the whole country.

Managing partners Simona Lodi and Roberto Costa established TERRA ETRUSCA from the idea to export these homemade, high quality products worldwide.
TERRA ETRUSCA proudly holds the certificate of “PRODOTTI DI ECCELLENZA ITALIANE” meaning “Products of Italian Excellence.” It places the highest importance on the quality of its goods, which are selected by experts with regular on-site visits during the maturation and of the collection of products (grapes and olives).
Its quality department carefully chooses superior confectionary products. With an extensive network of prestigious trade missions undertaken by its employees, TERRA ETRUSCA works effectively. Employees are specialists in their field, who serve international clientele personally.
Our customers are treated individually and efficiently, whether they might be a large client in the hospitality industry or a smaller client in a long-established delicatessen shop. Of equal importance is contact with suppliers. The highest quality is guaranteed through regular site visits, visits to suppliers at olive and grape harvest time, and a full picture of the manufacturing of products from start to finish.

The holidays are around the corner! Another service to TERRA ETRUSCA customers is the preparation of Christmas baskets in different sizes, full of our delicious products, which can be provided with your own company logo and personal greeting card. Would you like to know more?

To purchase our products as a reseller/ wholesale/retail customer, please ask for our price list. Private customers, please send your individual request.