from here …

from the rugged hills of yellow limestone… from gentle valleys… in the green and silent gliding plains to the sea in a blue millennial embrace …

 from here… from this earth that sucks the root of golden wheat…
from these clods soaked ancient,
rich in olive groves and vineyards full of silver ruby red …

is from this “Etruscan land” which products are created: generous womb,
full of distant echoes… Earth Lucumones, of soothsayers and warriors.

The company started in Tarquinia, ancient granary of Rome, which lies 90 km.
Cradle of the Etruscan civilization, stands on a hill at 133 mt. above sea level. The lands around the necropolis and acropolis bear fruit excellent quality.

The food (savory and sweet) are made by our company following the dictates linked to the ancient traditions and the ingredients.

The territory blends seamlessly and almost imperceptibly with the nearby Tuscany, resulting eye a whole made of olive groves, vineyards and vast expanses of grain. The proximity to the sea, the microclimate in fact share the same land, the same breeze.

From the ancient Etruscan ports of Tarquinia, they departed ships packed with jars with wheat, oil and wine.

That’s why TERRA ETRUSCA is the guarantor of respect for the origins, the culture of the past that has been handed down, Etruria pride and made in Italy promoter.

TERRA ETRUSCA is the ideal bridge between past and future.